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asktoks.com kicks off the Children’s Resource Fund !

World Autism Awareness Day #WAAD is celebrated on April 2nd, so by default April is the awesome-est month in the world. Throughout the month, people all over the world work hard raising awareness and teaching acceptance for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Here's what we've been doing. Our earlier post from WAAD this year showed us at the...
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#GTBAutismWeek 2015

IMG-20150630-WA0000 I arrive late. So as Dr. Oyelohunnu closes the first talk I am pleased to notice several well-known faces dotted around the room fully engrossed, but politely acknowledging my arrival. The second talk is by Dr. Marcus Tillery of Blazing Trails. I’m listening out for how exactly...
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10 tips to Promoting Positive Behaviour in the Classroom

A teacher in the eastern region of Nigeria who attended our community development program last month, just asked us for
"tips on how to promote positive behaviour in her classroom"
Here's what we told her, we hope it helps the learners in your classrooms too.   1. Golden Rules - Clearly state your expectations from your learners. Use visual...
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Training for teachers and parents in Bayelsa happening now

20150320_170352asktoks.com is working at the grassroots to educate the nation. Starting with Bayelsa state we are making waves to change perceptions. Working with the number one child and adolescent psychiatrist, speech & language pathologist, the top child developmental clinician and the only Inclusive education specialist in the...
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Autism: A different ability… a blessing in disguise

On Saturday the 22nd of November, Ms Bakare spoke at the Defeat Autism In Nigeria Support Group for parents of children with autism, other developmental disorders or special educational needs. Ms Bakare spoke on the skills and abilities found in people with autism, and how the typical characteristics we criticize should be seen as strengths. People...
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