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asktoks.com receives funding

Asktoks.com receives funding from AfricSearch for their work with children with neurodevelopmental disorders in Nigeria. Executive President, Didier Acouetey scouted the young entrepreneur at the Africa 2.0 Leadership Symposium in Maputo, Mozambique last week. The funding is set to facilitate the growth of the business in order...

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#GTBAutismWeek 2015

IMG-20150630-WA0000 I arrive late. So as Dr. Oyelohunnu closes the first talk I am pleased to notice several well-known faces dotted around the room fully engrossed, but politely acknowledging my arrival. The second talk is by Dr. Marcus Tillery of Blazing Trails. I’m listening out for how exactly...
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Training for teachers and parents in Bayelsa happening now

20150320_170352asktoks.com is working at the grassroots to educate the nation. Starting with Bayelsa state we are making waves to change perceptions. Working with the number one child and adolescent psychiatrist, speech & language pathologist, the top child developmental clinician and the only Inclusive education specialist in the...
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