Treatment Services provides applied behavioural analysis services to individual families, educational and healthcare institutions. Serving children that need a little more.


We develop and implement effective behavioural interventions using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) for children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders.
ABA is as science of behaviour that enables us to think positively about developmental disorders, find opportunities for learning and build on strengths. It is an evidence based intervention used to treat mental and developmental disorders like addiction, schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorders, and other non-diagnosed behavioural difficulties. ABA has also been used in other disciplines such as sports, business and organisation management as well as in education.
When behavioural treatment services are required for a child who is not learning at a similar rate to their peers, your first step is to have the necessary assessments that will determine further course of action and a potential treatment plan.
The next step is to begin treatment. Your ABA program will focus on increasing certain behaviours the child may not be exhibiting, these can include language and communication behaviours, academic skill and certain social skills. It will also aim to reduce any unwanted behaviours the child may be expressing such as excessive tantrums and stereotypical behaviours.
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The Infant ABA program is a parent-based ABA intervention program designed specifically for infants and toddlers with autism, other developmental disorders or identified as at risk of a developmental disorder who is aged 18 to 30 months. The infant ABA program is based on research with the Early Start Denver Model and combines the techniques of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) with ESDM intervention.
The program focuses on improving infant attention, communication, early langauge development and social engagement. Parents and caregivers are guided through easy-to-do techniques that can be use dto increase learning moments during every routines the child.


 Program Design:

Program Design


We provide private consultations with optional follow ups for parents who may already be seeking services elsewhere. The purpose of the consultations is to listen to your concerns, meet your child and provide professional behavioural advice based on clinically researched interventions and over a decade of experience in the field. Consultations are currently being provided in the child’s home and/or child’s school. Alternatively, consultations can also be provided at our offices in Lekki and in Ikeja.
This service is provided for children with special educational needs who wish to attend an inclusive after school clubs like gymnastics, ballet and music with their peers. We equip parents and careers with the tools to support their child through the after school club, ensuring that the child is learning from the class instructor, in an enriched environment with positive role models.
We design treatment plans for individuals based on the resources available to them. This means after extensive interviews, visits with the child and general assessments, we advise on how to and what help to seek according to what is within the family’s means and what is available in their area.

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