Training Services

We train individuals and groups of people in behavioural techniques necessary for dealing with people with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders. Depending on the way in which the interested party will be interacting with the person with autism, we adapt the training packages you will receive.


Training for parents and caregivers (e.g. caregivers working in specialised homes or orphanages) includes: the 5 step essential guideline for interacting with people with autism, individualised modules addressing specific problem behaviours and ways of dealing with unexpected obstacles.


Training for teachers includes: how to differentiate the classwork, how to create reinforcement systems that increase positive behaviour in the classroom, how to deal with tantrum or unwanted behaviour in the classroom, recognising the signs and what to do, how to advise the parents and follow up.


Training for nursery school staff includes: how to stimulate a child to learn, how to play, creating an enriched environment, nurturing independence skills.


Training for SEN schools, units and centres includes: using the principles of ABA as based on operant conditioning to teach children with developmental disorders (increasing behaviours and decreasing behaviours).


Training for employers and colleagues of adults with autism includes: the benefits of having a person with autism at work, how to make the working environment autism friendly, interacting with an adult with autism – what to say and how to respond, things to be aware of when dealing with a person with autism – e.g. things that can be upsetting or difficult for them.


Training for community figures, religious leaders and traditional gatekeepers includes: the message you should be giving out to your community, how to respond when someone brings a child with a problem to you, is it ok to refer them to a doctor?, what to do with your congregation (having extra hands in Sunday school, how to keep their attention etc.)

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