Information Packages

As well as our website, we provide information packages about autism and other developmental disorders that are distributed in communities across the country under various autism awareness campaigns. The information is used by government and non-government organisations, by individuals and by small groups and communities. The packages are designed to meet the needs of different groups so contain different information for each.

Each package informs on what autism is and the next steps that need to be taken. Further to this and if commissioned, information packages inform on identification, diagnosis and assessment procedures; treatment, therapies and management of the condition; early intervention protocol and industry guidelines; education and employment of persons with autism.

Information is delivered on various platforms, depending on the audience. We compile information that is delivered through face-to-face contact for small groups and communities for example. The face-to-face platform includes talks, seminars, presentations, formal and less formal meetings or gatherings, one on one, focus groups and so on. We also create recorded content for television programs (news, health, and infomercials), radio shows, advertisements and internet content through the website.

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