New Year, Much Better !


Hey! Can you believe it’s already January 6th 2017? A whole week has gone by already; Yikes!

I’m sure we all started last year off with major plans for our lives and new year resolutions we may or may not even remember. Truth is, we’re human and while we can’t be 100% everyday, we can only be ourselves and that’s enough.


That said, thanks you!  For being with us at the start of 2016, for being with us now and for being your awesome self! *Three Gbosa For You*- *Gbosa, Gbosa, Gbosa!


Our goal has always been to develop our community into one that better understands the things that make us unique. Be it a challenge with making friends, or a difficulty saying the things we want to say, we want Nigerians to look past these “challenges” and appreciate our individual gifts and the processes it takes to unwrap them.

We kicked off our 2016 calendar of events at Social Media Week Lagos, where we, alongside religious and medical experts,  dove feet first into mental health attitudes and services in Nigeria.


From L-R; Pastor Godman Akinlabi, Dr Toju Chike Obi, Toks Bakare, Dr Olayinka Atilola, Dr Chkiwe Ikehweazu












With that momentum, partnered with international and local service providers and  businesses for World Autism Awareness Month in April. Joining forces with GTB, Battabox, Hans and Rene, The Sweet Spot, Stranger Lagos and Wrap City, we raised awareness for autism and kicked off the Children’s Resource Fund which has provided educational resources for 50 children currently supported by ABA therapists.



We joined forces with locals on WAAD 2016


In October, we switched gears a little bit. Keeping in mind our focus on creating awareness for mental health, we partnered with a few NGO’s and fitness experts for Balance 2016, where we explored the benefits of exercise on our mental health.


In doing all this, we discovered a need to grow our little organization’s human resource with like minded individuals who wish to accomplish the same goals that drive us daily. To do this, is developing its Skills Transfer Program, which will serve as a means for volunteers from various educational and professional backgrounds to apply their individual expertise in novel ways.

Whew! I think we mentioned everything. We’re ready for 2017 now. Our resolutions are set, our goals have been sketched out. That said we will continue to  ensure that no matter what we do, we put our children first.

Again, thank you for being on this journey with us!


Happy New Year !

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