Freedom from fear, freedom from want, freedom to live in dignity

“Freedom from fear, freedom from want, freedom to live in dignity”

These powerful words are written in the Human Security Strategic Plan 2014-2017.

In 2015, our Founder and Principal Consultant of was Women for Africa’s, International Humanitarian of the Year final nominee. Today, she has these words to share about World Humanitarian Day.
I’m not sure I really understood the term ‘humanitarian’, or why we would need a day in the calendar for it. But I learned something from Chimamanda Adichie that tells me it is more than just about doing good deeds. Through Chimamanda’s words I learned that World Humanitarian day is about awakening the humanity in each and every one of us. I learned that

“our humanity is that glowing centre in all of us”,

…it is what makes us speak up about an injustice even when that injustice does not personally affect us.
So on World Humanitarian Day we commemorate and recognise those people who have spoken up about injustices all over the world. All those whose humanity lets them truly see the vulnerable, the disadvantaged and those in need. This year, we as a global community are advocating for the protection of civilians, aid workers and all those affected by conflict, however I would personally like to extend recognition to those working for the protection of vulnerable people of all kinds. I want to extend our gratitude to people working in the service of those who have suffered domestic violence or abuse and most importantly to me, those in the service of vulnerable children and children with disabilities.
We all have a humanitarian in us. So this World Humanitarian Day is the

“…time for a new narrative, a narrative in which we truly see those about whom we speak”.

It is a time each and every one of us can help just one person, help that one person live a life that is free from fear, free from want, help someone near you live their life in dignity. How will you embrace love and show acts of kindness?

I urge you to join us on the 19th of August 2017 or wherever you can, to connect with and act from your own glowing centre, to stand up for something that is important to you and share it with the world. #WHD2017 #actofhumanity provides practical, expert advice for parents of children with developmental disorders like autism. Addressing issues at the heart of parents’ concerns, we are sharing information through videos, talks, walks, social media posts and much more. Our ‘glowing centre’, our humanity compels us to speak up for equal opportunities in education; to speak up for the provision of special educational needs in schools; it compels us to share our knowledge in order to enrich the lives of children with developmental disorders and create a world that understands autism.

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