Balance! Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Over the weekend, we braved the Lagos rain with a few members of the #fitfam. We spent our Saturday morning working out and learning about how exercise impacts our mental well being.

First of all, we’re going to be honest and confess we did not expect Obi (Fit Nigeria) and Kayode Fahm  to work us that hard. We really were not ready. Kayode is a super nice guy and he just exudes peace. The only problem is  my body is not exactly feeling so peaceful right now. Who else found it hard to get out of bed on Sunday morning?

Come on, look at their innocent faces. Who knew they would be so mean!


Kayode Fahm and Obi Udorra (Fit Nigeria)

It may have been tough, but we really did learn a lot about how much we could push our bodies, if we put our minds to it. Some of us did burpees for the first time, some got into the full lotus position for the first time, but we all reached a new level of mental and physical fitness.


Aisha, Kayode and Toks with the full lotus and raise!


While we still recover and stretch out our muscles, here are some things we’d like you to know about the benefits of exercise on your mental well being.

  1. Stronger resilience
  2. Sharper memory and thinking
  3. Better sleep
  4. Higher self esteem
  5. More positive and relaxed mood

The really great thing about exercise is you don’t have to run 10 miles everyday to get these benefits. Just a little bit of activity everyday and you’re a step towards healthier body and mind. The true value of exercise however, lies in training your body to handle stress better.

Imagine being on the rooftop of the CcHub on a wet Saturday morning in October (This shouldn’t be too hard to fathom I take it).


Yep, there you are!

Now, picture yourself squatting and trying not to pass out, or trying to fold yourself into a pretzel because Kayode Fahm says so. In this moment, you’re teaching your mind and body to handle strain and you’re kicking ass at it too.


Fast forward a few days later, you’re stressed at work. You’ve got a major deadline and you’ve barely slept. You just got a call from home and your spouse is upset because you forgot your anniversary. Then, to top it off, you hear tires screeching outside, ending with a loud bang. This bang happens to be the sound of a bus leaving its awful yellow signature on the side of your brand new car.


At first you panic. It seems like the world is coming down on you and your knees are buckling. But!, you remember Kayode Fahm guided you step-by-step from a simple stretch, to a half lotus and then a full lotus with raise! You apply this same strategy and break down your mountain of problems into little molehills. Before you know it, your deadline is met, an anniversary dinner reservation is booked and a little brake oil makes your car look good as new. Yay you!

Now you know exercise gives you more than just abs. We want you to remember this and stay fit doing whatever makes you comfortable. Find an activity you enjoy and reward yourself for reaching your milestones.

A big thank you to Truppr, PsyndUp, Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI), Been Aware and Going through It (BAGit),  She Writes Woman and Lucid Lemons for all support! Do look out for more events in the Balance series, as we break stigma and build a healthier Nigeria.



You can contact our awesome instructors here:

  • Obi (Fit Nigeria):, Facebook.Twitter and Instagram – FitNigeria
  • Kayode Fahm-, Facebook and Twitter- Kayode Fahm , Instagram – Skfahm








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