Balance 2016: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds



It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year – World Mental Health Awareness Day! Well, it’s our favourite day, after World Autism Awareness Day  and Christmas, of course.

This year, on Monday the 10th of October, people around the world will be raising awareness for mental health issues and mobilizing efforts in support of people concerned about their mental health.

Often times,when people hear the words, “mental health”, it rubs them the wrong way, leading to a fear of discussing one of the most important aspects of our well being. And so, to highlight the importance of honest and open conversations about mental health,, in partnership with PsyndUp, have put together a free “come-cause-you-might-like-it” session for the curious and keen hipsters among you!



Balance 2016: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, will hold on Saturday the 8th of October, over at the trendy roof top of the Co-creation Hub in Yaba. We’ll be showcasing some fitness fun with fitness instructor, Obi of Fit Nigeria  and an extra yoga treat with martial artist Kayode Fahm! .We’ll be bringing you some tasty, on point snacks from the hip-hop loving food vendors, Wrap City. Sample their deliciously healthy wraps and juices at a discounted price!



Obi Udorra, Fitness Instructor and CEO of Fit Nigeria


Kayode Fahm, Martial Artist


The goal of the day is to talk about mental health and explore the role exercise can play in keeping our minds and our bodies mentally and physically fit. If nothing else, just come to prove you can take a better selfie than Mark Zuckerberg on that roof top!



Mark Zuckerberg, at the Cc hub roof top in Yaba, where you will be on Saturday the 8th of October!


The Zuck is definitely on the healthy bodies, healthy minds wave! Be like Zuck!









Register for free on the Truppr website; see you at #Balance !


P.s  Mark Zuckerberg visited the Co-creation hub, he keeps fit AND he owns one of the biggest companies in the world. We’re not saying there’s a correlation here, but, BE LIKE ZUCK!





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