An Interdisciplinary Approach to Treatment

Our interdisciplinary approach to treating children with autism and other developmental disorders is characterised by a high degree of collaboration and communication among health and educational professionals.


MEDICAL PHYSICIAN usually the child’s paediatrician makes the primary assessment and later addresses their medical and biological needs.


CHILD DEVELOPMENTAL CLINICIAN conducts a developmental evaluation, giving a broad picture of developmental progress across areas including cognitive, and social/emotional development.


SPEECH AND LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST conducts a speech, language and communication evaluation to unveil the nature of identified speech and/or language delays. In treatment the speech and language pathologist determines communication objectives to be incorporated into the intervention plan.


OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST and/or A PHYSICAL THERAPIST may be requested to conduct an assessment of physical development. In treatment, the occupational or physical therapist determines objectives for improved motor control to be incorporated into the intervention plan.


CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRIST conducts the final diagnostic assessment. The mental health evaluation offers an understanding of the root cause of the deficits presented so that a definitive diagnosis can be reached.


The best course of treatment and all possible options are established and a BEHAVIOUR ANALYST conducts the Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) assessment, to determine suitability for either a school or home-based ABA intervention.