A Beautiful Mind: Opening Up About Mental Health


Asktoks.com is partnering with Nigeria Health Watch to provoke rigorous discussion on the changes in mental health attitudes and services in Nigeria.

In a world racked with war and terror, images of death and destruction become all too familiar as they are plastered on our screens daily. It is time to think about the effect this is having on our minds. Introducing the idea of mental fitness; we are proposing a better way of thinking about and protecting the mental health of our children, our future.

Join us for A Beautiful Mind – Opening Up About Mental Health to hear from experts from the medical and religious community as we discuss local attitudes towards mental health issues, current misconceptions and how we can change perceptions, leading the way to a healthier Nigeria . You will discover modern innovations in mental healthcare including the practice of mental fitness, and positive psychology for safeguarding the minds of our children. We will share tips on how to use social media and other digital tools to get valuable help and info.

So come prepared with questions for our experts. Because when you think about it, how well do you really know your mind?


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We are super excited about this masterclass because for the first time in Social Media Week Lagos history we are plunging into the worlds of science and religion and bringing two historically juxtaposed paradigms together on the topic of mental health. Traditionally, Social Media week involves the sharing of ideas of how social media and technology are changing our businesses, society and culture. However, we want to look at how they are changing us as individuals. Now is the time to give our audience the power to understand and take control over their minds in order to improve their mental health.” – Toks Bakare

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