• changing perceptions is only possible through education


Implementing effective behavioural interventions
We develop and implement effective behavioural interventions using the principles of ABA for children with autism spectrum disorders, other developmental disorders and behavioural difficulties.


Developing staff skills to increase educational performance
We train individuals and groups of people in behavioural techniques necessary for dealing with people with autism spectrum disorders, other developmental disorders, and behavioural difficulties.


Sustainable autism-centered programs
We work with commercial companies in close relation with their corporate social responsibility team to deliver effective and sustainable autism-centered programs.


Information packages about developmental disorders
We provide information packages about autism and other developmental disorders to be distributed to communities across the country.

Latest Posts

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    Understanding autism is the first step towards accepting a person with autism. Here are some interesting autism facts you may or may not have known: Everyone thinks differently, but about 1% of the world is estimated to be on the autism  spectrum. Prevalence rates in the United States are thought to be about 1 in every 68 births, with prevalence read more
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    Hi there! The fact that you clicked on the link that led to this blog post shows that you support Autism Awareness. *high five* My name is Toks Bakare and I am a UK trained Behaviour Analyst and founder of asktoks.com. Today I want to talk to you about Autism. “Autism” and the official name “Autism Spectrum Disorders” are terms read more
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Happy Parents, what they have to say

Thanks Toks, I hope things are going well for you!! Best of luck with everything and THANK YOU so much for all your fabulous work over the years, we will miss your positivity and cheerfulness!!
Employer Director, UK YapUK


Short film on Autism proves that accessibility features matter